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Our Mission: To provide an entertaining place on the internet to post and share articles, thoughts and preferably funny ( or serious ) stories concerning all things horse racing and gambling, with an emphasis, more or less, on the great and historic city of Saratoga Springs, New York as well as surrounding areas.

Is that ambiguous enough?

Any stories about growing up in the Saratoga Springs area would be greatly appreciated.

Encounters with the rich and famous, entertainers, events at the Casino, and pictures past and present can only add to the experience.

We would be honored for you to send us your horse racing rants, observations, pet peeves, pics, or just plain interesting stories.


We will check for content ( we’re not the P.C. Police here ) — but please try to keep it “fairly” clean. A little “netiquette” goes a long way, eh?

Humor in any form is encouraged. We will keep your name and other information confidential if you wish but a user name of some kind would be helpful to put a “face” to the story.

Suggestions for articles are just a mouse click away, so have at it. E-mail us at with any questions or ideas.

Anyway gang……

The idea for the name “Saratoga Suckers” came from a very good friend of mine and is a story unto itself. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss it at this time, as it is a work in progress.

Saratoga Racetrack Spectators

So, I guess you can say we are putting the cart before the horse.

It is totally unrelated to the Internet, and if all goes well it will be a welcomed addition to this project.

The inclusion of the word “suckers” is not meant to be derogatory in any manner and I hope no one takes offense. The name just happened; trust me. As it turns out, the “sucker’s ( sucker ) bet” is a legitimate term in horse racing circles. I actually own the book “Suckers Progress – An Informal History of Gambling in America.”.  

Sucker's Progress Gambling in America

Sucker’s Progress Gambling in America

We hope you enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen. As always, comments “yay” or “neigh” ( pun intended ) will always be welcomed.

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Let the ambiguity begin !

Your Humble Webmaster – On The Interwebs Since 2004

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