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  1. Bottles of Beer

    March 11, 2015 by saratogasam

    How Many Bottles of Beer on the Wall

    A Tale of One Man’s Yeast Affection


    by DocSnookers


    So, where does an Irish family go on vacation? Answer: A different bar. (I slay myself.) An old joke to be sure, but if you’ve ever been to the Parting Glass Pub in Saratoga, you know why an Irish tavern is such a great hang.


    Back in the early to mid 1980’s a few of my friends and I entered the Beer Tasting Club (which would account for my haziness of specific dates in time) at the Parting Glass Pub on Lake Avenue in Saratoga Springs. One only had to “sample” in the neighborhood of 200 beers in an approximate 10 month period and grade it on a scorecard. If you could preview 2 to 3 beers a night, 2 to 3 times a week, this great gift to mankind was very do-able; without requiring emergency room treatment. And do it we did.


    What a great time we had sampling beers from all over the world. From little 7 ounce Pilsners to the 25 ounce Fosters Lager can, we finished the important job with time to spare. We built many bridges and solved many problems of the world sitting in front of that wonderful bar. One night, during a heavy snowstorm, I actually skied down with my faithful dog Rocky from my apartment off north Broadway; refusing to let Mother Nature sway me from my dedication to important matters concerning the human condition.


    After the in-depth study of the beverages were completed, the “Glass” threw a swell party for those that made the measure. Many of the beer vendors donated nice gifts of beer memorabilia for the qualifiers. The owners mounted a plaque on the wall with all the Beer Tasters engraved on it; something I’ve dragged many new friends in to see. The last time I stopped in, the plaque was nowhere to be found. The barmaid told me someone had stolen it (no doubt someone I had shared space with on the wall trophy – oh, the inhumanity). She also said they were thinking about starting the Taster’s Club back up, so go check it out and keep me posted.


    The Parting Glass Pub is located on Lake Avenue in downtown Saratoga Springs. A short distance east from Broadway, it is down the hill from the Police Station, a couple of doors before the Fire House and kiddy-corner to the Armory. They host a lot of great bands and it is a frequent stop for a popular local Irish group know as the McKrells. The famous Saratoga Racetrack is not far away.
    As a kid I remember it as Rocco’s Italian Restaurant and recall they had the finest thin crust pizza in town. When it was Rocco’s, the booths were across from the bar and the dining room was in a separate room. When the Parting Glass took over in 1981 they removed the wall and opened up the bar to the dining area. The booths were separated and moved to the outer walls of the dining area. Over the years they have purchased adjoining real estate and have expanded quite a bit to accommodate another larger dining / music area. The joint has some really nice vintage woodwork and a great ambience.


    The Glass also has an excellent dart room with several dart boards and a nice selection of custom darts and dart accessories for sale. At one time they also owned a pub called Cohans (I believe that was the name) in Ireland and used to have dart competitions between the two establishments; keeping score by fax machine. I always enjoyed the fact that the place was family owned and patrons could feel a part of the family as the girls and their mother poured beers, mixed drinks and waited tables.


    With everything from pizza and wings to steaks and lamb stew, the menu is first-rate and quite varied. I am especially fond of the sweet potato fries and the Shepherds Pie. Parking is pretty good compared to Broadway and there is a parking garage a short distance away, making it a good meeting place for newcomers to busy downtown Saratoga Springs. Of course, The Parting Glass is “the” place to be on St. “Paddy’s” Day with plenty of live music, dancing and lots of Guinness on tap. Delicious corned beef and cabbage specials are served on the week leading up to, and including, the big event.


    You can visit their website at:
    Owner Joan Desadora is said to have named the pub after the Irish song of the same name. Following are the lyrics:


    Of all the money that e'er I spent 
    I've spent it in good company 
    And all the harm that ever I did 
    Alas it was to none but me 
    And all I've done for want of wit 
    To memory now I can't recall 
    So fill to me the parting glass 
    Good night and joy be with you all 
    If I had money enough to spend 
    And leisure to sit awhile 
    There is a fair maid in the town 
    That sorely has my heart beguiled 
    Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips 
    I own she has my heart enthralled 
    So fill to me the parting glass 
    Good night and joy be with you all 
    Oh, all the comrades that e'er I had 
    They're sorry for my going away 
    And all the sweethearts that e'er I had 
    They'd wish me one more day to stay 
    But since it falls unto my lot 
    That I should rise and you should not 
    I'll gently rise and softly call 
    Good night and joy be with you all
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  2. Tails

    March 7, 2015 by saratogasam

    Tails – And We’re Off !

    Saratoga Suckers. It’s NOT A Sucker Bet !

    Welcome to the new and improved Saratoga Suckers.

    Your home for Horse Racing Rants and Raves

    Since 2004.

    Yes. This is our official blog.

    The Starting Gate

    It is now post time. The horses are on the track.

    The premier web site for horse racing aficionados is up and running.

    So sit back and enjoy the commentary.

    Odds-on this site will morph into something you can call home.

    Not to mention…’s FREE !

    Get in on the conversation and……..

    May The Horse Be With You !

    email us at:

    A Wee Bit About Us

    We Want YOUR STORY !

    Saratoga Suckers

    The Funny Cide of Saratoga Springs, NY and it’s Horse Racing legacy !

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  3. Saratoga Stroll

    July 24, 2009 by saratogasam

    Saratoga Stroll – A Healthy Endeavor

    Saratoga Springs, New York – Stop and Stroll Awhile


    The Saratoga Springs race track lured you to this serene Adirondack town of 26,186 located four hours north of New York City.


    You’ve gambled away most of your money and you’re thinking: now what?


    by SummerHammond


    Before you pack up and head for home, park the car somewhere and set out on foot. A leisurely stroll is the best way to discover the multitude of charms this “city in the country” has to offer. And who knows? You might even end up staying for good.


    Begin your pedestrian adventure on North Broadway, also sometimes referred to as “The Avenue of the Mansions.” These extravagant homes, with their lush, butterfly-filled gardens, rippling fountains, and bronzed horse sculptures, are sure to transform you into a certified gawker. Several of these mansions belong to those who have acquired their fortunes in the horse industry, and at least one is grandiose enough to have its own guard residence on the premises. A guard residence that many of us would be proud to call “home”, seeing as it is a replica, in miniature, of the mansion itself!


    The wide, smooth side-walks of North Broadway will lead you directly to South Broadway, otherwise known as the main strip. Has your amble down the “The Avenue of the Mansions” inspired you to dig a little deeper in your pockets for whatever money remains after a few days at the track? On South Broadway, take your pick of restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, and shops that will gladly embrace your dollars. Treat yourself to a new outfit at Ann Taylor, The Gap, or Eddie Bauer. Indulge in an Irish Claddagh ring from Celtic Treasures. Once your wardrobe has been revitalized, what about your
    book-shelf? Haven’t you been meaning to read War and Peace for years now? Stop into Border’s and make the purchase. Allow yourself to be tantalized and lured by the sweet Italian singing piped out onto the street by Eugenio’s Café Gelato. Settle in for 15 minutes with your new tome and a small, green plastic cup of lemonade gelato. Refreshed, wander up and down the side streets, peering in at popular haunts like Gaffney’s Restaurant and Hattie’s, where you might just see Chef Jasper (winner of the fried chicken Throwdown against Bobby Flay) preparing seafood gumbo in his kitchen. Now you’re getting hungry.


    From South Broadway, take a detour down Phila Street. In your single-minded quest for sustenance, try not to be too distracted by the colorful assortment of rayon fashion displayed outside “The Magic Moon”, a self-described “unique metaphysical boutique.” Your destination is Ravenous, a small, cozy café serving both savory and dessert crepes, not to mention the most succulent pommes frites (served with your choice of dipping sauces) outside of Paris.


    Blissed out on a ham and gruyere crepe followed by a dessert crepe stuffed with fresh fruit, nutella, and home-made whipped cream, direct your foot-steps towards Congress Park. Once there, stop to admire the historic wooden carousel, restored to its original splendor. Or, if by now you’re feeling really adventurous, take a spin yourself! Meander around the curious “Spit” and “Spat” sculptures, engaged in an ongoing “who can spit the farthest?” competition. Stop to appreciate Congress Spring and Deer Park Spring, two of the springs that give Saratoga Springs its name and fame. If you indulged a bit too recklessly in gelato and crepes, it might be a good idea to sample a little of the spring water, since it is reputed to be good for digestive health.


    After exploring the entirety of Congress Park, absorbing the beauty of the round, red globes called crabapples shimmering on the trees, the glorious architecture of the Canfield Casino, and the rainbow trout pools, take time to relax on a bench beside the water. You deserve it after a long day of strolling. When the baby ducks emerge from the water and surround your feet, you may begin to wonder if it’s time to go home, or if, in fact, you’ve found a new home altogether in Saratoga Springs, New York.


    Summer Hammond is an aspiring free-lance writer and young adult novelist living happily in Saratoga Springs, New York, with her husband and cat.

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