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Handicapping The Jockeys

2006-09-07 by andyman

Handicapping The Jockeys


Where Do They Go From Here ?

Wall Mural at Siro's in Saratoga
Mural at Siro’s – photo by EvilDoer


by SaratogaSam


I stated earlier in the Saratoga Meet that this was one of the deepest jockey colony of all times. So many good ones and only 335 races to win.

Edgar Prado got the top prize and Garret Gomez gave him a great run, but the next 10 jockeys will change this scenario later in the fall during the Belmont meeting.

It will change for sure.

Edgar won 4 races every 3 days and won by 4 wins over Garret Gomez. This past Monday (Sept. 4th) at Saratoga Racetrack he won three races for a total of 44 wins for the meet.

Horse racing in California is changing.

Kent Desormeaux, Garret Gomez and Mike Smith have all left, and that let Aaron Gryder and Norbero Arroyo Jr. and now Jorge Chavez from New York take their places. But the horses are less per day in each race and 6 – 7 horse fields are the norm.


One jockey, Victor Espinoza, is winning a few races each day and will win the Delmar meet. He won seven races on Monday Sept. 4th. and was third in one more.


That’s 7 wins. Wow !

But at Monmouth Park in New Jersey, Joe Bravo is the King in the middle of a long meet. He won 5 races in a row on Haskell Day on August 6th. He topped that on Monday Sept. 4th. One tough rider, he won six races and was second in three other races on a thirteen race holiday card.

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