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Point Counterpoint

2014-02-03 by saratogasam

Point Counterpoint

It’s not just about the gambling.


A day at the track. Drag along lawn chairs and a cooler ? Or travel light and chow down on sausage and onions ?

Personally, I prefer to travel light. Cash, camera (maybe), a credit card and a program. A big ole stogie would be nice too. Hey, you came here to spend some dough, so what the heck. Buy a six dollar beer and an eight dollar bratwurst and live it up. Who wants to keep looking over their shoulder to make sure someone isn’t digging into your cooler or dragging away your chair? I go to the track to relax and have some fun. Paranoia is not fun.
Walking around the track is fun especially when unencumbered by too many possessions. And I mean walking everywhere while at the track. There’s lots to see and enjoy. Music, scenery, people and horses. Up close and personal.



None – No takers.

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